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The history of fish and chips

The history of Fish and Chips is fascinating, and it is surprisingly suddenly remarkable as British and will forever retain its enormous popularity. We process 382 million portions of Fish and Chips in the UK every year and currently have around 10,500 Fish and Chip stores. This dramatically exaggerates all other fast food restaurants, confirming […]

Why is lobster a luxury?

When you think of Cancer, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Chic restaurants, delicious food, impressive silver tableware and bell jars with an equally extravagant price tag. It is a meal considered suitable for the most prestigious foodies and can elevate any dinner to a luxurious masterpiece. However, it was not always […]

Seafood from Sykes collaborates with SimplyCook

Seafood by Sykes has partnered with SimplyCook to provide our customers with a free box of recipe kits that you can pair with our delicious seafood, so you can enjoy even more restaurant quality at home. Make a perfectly spiced Thai red shrimp curry, or a spicy Cuban shrimp pasta, or freshen up your seafood […]