Our products can mainly be found in retail throughout the Netherlands and Belgium and parts of France and Germany. Our employees professionally fill the freezers and, if desired, supply our stylish price cards.


We supply fish, shrimps and seafood to all types of restaurants throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Restaurant owners and chefs know all too well how valuable it is to have a supplier who thinks along, is proactive and flexible.


The bakers and caterers always know where to find us. Our products are their ingredients and our wide range is their shopping list. Delivered to the kitchen, or pick up from us. It's all possible, and for a good price.


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Our challenge

Our company was launched in 2008, the year of the financial crisis. From day one, Majrada had to deal with doing business in difficult economic times. However, the conviction was that precisely the times of crisis are the time to prove and distinguish yourself as an entrepreneur.


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